Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Ahi Poke

Spent two weeks in Hawaii over the Christmas holiday.
Discovered poke.
Favorite poke, at Nalani and Gordon's house.
Right from Safeway.
Ahi, pepper, sesame, soy, a touch of mayo
We built our own little poke hand rolls,
complete with seasoned squares of nori
sushi rice
and fresh cut cucumber sticks.
Of course it was the company more than anything.
Best tasting poke, at Lei Lei's, New Year's Eve.
Out at the Turtle Bay Resort
Fabulous (see picture above)
I swear that ahi was still swimming...

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Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Why is it so hard to meet for sushi?

I have several friends who always want to meet for sushi. Why is it so hard to find time to eat a little rice and raw fish?

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Monday, June 25, 2007


How Many Times Do I have to say Sushi is Rice?

TOKYO, June 24 — Sushi made with deer meat, anyone? How about a slice of raw horse on that rice?

These are some of the most extreme alternatives being considered by Japanese chefs as shortages of tuna threaten to remove it from Japan’s sushi menus — something as unthinkable here as baseball without hot dogs or Texas without barbecue.

In this seafood-crazed country, tuna is king. From maguro to otoro,.... continue reading....

So while I don't really want to eat a slice of raw horse on my sushi rice, the word sushi doesn't mean raw fish (I always feel the need to point that out, "sashimi" is actually raw fish). The word "sushi" actually refers to the vinegared rice, rather than what goes on top. Read more about sushi at how stuff works....

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Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Sushi Deli

My friend Ralph and I went to Sushi Deli last Saturday evening. I was expecting it to be crowded. A Saturday night in the gaslamp. What was I thinking??

Turns out I didn't have to worry about it too much. Us old folks apparently eat earlier (6:30 pmish) than the rest of the oh-so-hip and trendy gaslampers. And being Cinco De Mayo, I guess SUSHI was not tops on everyone's list of places to go.

Their loss.

What a great little find in the downtown area. We feasted on sake (I'm a always a sucker for salmon) Rainbow Roll, something called a Mary Roll, and Ralph had a couple of pieces of ikura (salmon roe).

One nice thing about Sushi Deli is that you can order one piece, rather than always a pair (nigiri) like other sushi spots.

We also ordered some fried calamari -- not really sushi, but it was tasty.

We washed this all down with a couple of nice crisp Kirin beers.

The only disappointment of the evening was the vegetable tempura, which seemed to consist of one slice of carrot, one florette of brocolli, and two chunks of sweet potato. Hard to split a florette of brocolli, but we did it.

All in all, a good dinner. Nice walk from Ralph's place on 9th and 'G' to Broadway and 1st, next to the Spreckle's Theater.

And for only $40. Total, not each. Can't beat that!

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Saturday, May 05, 2007


eye contact essential

Nobu is a great sushi restaurant in Solana Beach. In fact, I think we've decided it's our new favorite. Our old favorite,Station Sushi still has great sushi, and I still like it is a little oh-too-trendy, and noisy, so it's hard to talk. Of course if you want to see and be seen (or is that "scene"?) then Station Sushi is great.

At Nobu, the atmosphere, while still a happenin' place, is more subdued. It's elegant, with soft lighting, wood floors, simple, clean decor, reflective of the sushi itself, simple and clean, no flaming monkey rolls just good fresh fish artfully prepared.

Though I've never been granted the priveledge of sitting at end of the sushi bar where Nobu-san reigns supreme, I have been there, and been served by other talented and friendly sushi chefs. Until last night. Or was it the night before? While our sushi chef was pleasant, and prepared our sushi well, he rarely looked up to engage us, to ask us if we wanted another serving of the $7 a piece toro, or perhaps would like to try a special hand roll, the ahi looks good, and the sake is particularly fresh, or ....

He was well intent all evening on preparing to-go orders. Carefully, meticulously, even artfully. Not that I think he should have been serving us to the exclusion of all others, HOWEVER, a little eye contact would have been nice. That way, when we were ready to order a spicy tuna roll (it was delicious by the way)I would not have had to practically throw something at him to get his attention!

Next time, perhaps, we'll try for Nobu's end of the bar. Or perhaps try another sushi spot. (but this one is so conveniently located minutes from my home!!)

I do recommend Nobu Solana Beach. Just be sure to sit at one end of the sushi bar or the other....

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Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Smack Down at Mister Sushi

So the last time I went to sushi, we went to All You Can Eat sushi.
I was reluctant.
The place was packed.
It was cold outside.
And the people leaving were standing in the doorway talking. With the door open.
So I said, "CLOSE THE DOOR" not bitchy, but loud enough.
and this woman was like "I have kids."
and I'm like "So. You can still close the door."
--more later. I'm tired.

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Tuesday, September 26, 2006


again with the seared ahi

Does seared ahi count as sushi? I had a nice dinne at my friend Ralph's house last night. Ahi prepared with a rub of cayenne, cardemom, and coriander, seared. Served with fresh from the farmers market zuccini from the grill. yumm

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